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My Entrepreneurial Utopia

Thom Ruhe

I was in my element last weekend at the Kansas City Maker Faire. The Maker Faire is known as “the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth” and celebrates the things people create and the people who create them. It’s a place where inventors, creators and entrepreneurs collide to display their talents and products. Growing up in a home with a father who was a master tool, die, and mold maker, I felt I was in familiar company.

So here are the top three reasons why Kansas City’s Maker Faire is my happy place when it comes to entrepreneurship.

  1. It’s open to all. And you’ll see it all. Makers displaying their inventions are tech enthusiasts, crafters, scientists and garage tinkerers. They represent inventors of every age group, every background, and every socioeconomic status. That’s how entrepreneurship—and access to the resources that support it—should be.
  2. It’s family friendly. Age is just a number when it comes to showcasing a new craft at the Maker Faire. And to me, that means inspiring even the youngest of our region’s future entrepreneurs to follow their passion to create and invent new things. It gives our youth a place to show off their talent, to be proud of what they thought up in their creative young minds, and to maybe even realize that within entrepreneurship can lie a career.
  3. It creates a sense of community. I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen about the importance of community, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. This event brings individuals together to form a community of common interest and purpose and from that, they can extract value. Whether that value is tangible or intangible, obviously or less obvious, is irrelevant. Communities benefit entrepreneurs by providing everything from resources and access to encouragement and comradery.


Watch as I talk to just a few of the creative thinkers and doers at last week’s Kansas City Maker Faire. And if you were there, share your thoughts on what makes it such a success.

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