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Nine Young Chinese Entrepreneurs To Watch

Hannah Seligson

By 2015 there will be 500 million people under age 30 in China--roughly the population of the entire European Union. And they aren't idolizing Lei Feng, a devoted follower of Mao. They are looking to figures such as Bill Gates and Michael Dell, says Ge Dingkun, a professor of entrepreneurship at China Europe International Business School in Shanghai. 

Young people, barely a generation removed from Chairman Mao's strict communism, are embracing entrepreneurship. The incomes of twenty-somethings in China grew 34% in the past three years, the largest growth of any age group, according to a survey by Credit Suisse. While large industries in China--such as banking, steel, telecommunications and electricity generation--are still essentially state-owned, a growing chunk of new wealth being created comes from the hard work and vision of scrappy upstarts.

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