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Over the Top

Thom Ruhe

View of the North PoleDid you know that when you fly from Dubai to Houston (almost 17 hours) one of the routes you can take is up and over the North Pole? Unfortunately I could not sleep for most of the return trip home but that meant I was awake when, as the sun was rising, we did fly over the North Pole and I had a great view from my window (take a look at the clip below).

Why I was returning home from Dubai was also pretty cool . . . pun intended. I was attending the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Fostering Entrepreneurship. The Global Agenda Councils are the working groups that postulate and catalyze priorities for the annual Davos Conference in January. There are dozens of councils organized around topics of global importance, which are then hosted by the Government of Dubai over three days.

For the first day of the conference, we work independently around our topic. The second day of the conference we work on what are known as cross-council opportunities. An example of a cross-council opportunity may be pursuing the linkages in our council of Fostering Entrepreneurship with the council on Youth Employment, where there are obvious linkages. The final day of the conference is dedicated to fleshing out details and the ever important next steps.

For our part, our council is working toward developing an international platform (web portal) to catalyze entrepreneurship activities, events, curriculum, and communications from around the world; but locally curated and locally relevant. The second priority for the council is looking into the role(s) that corporations (multinationals) can have in supporting entrepreneurship in a mutually beneficial way. As work progresses on these worthwhile priorities, we will keep you posted on the screens of e360.

As I reflected on the exhausting but vital work we did in Dubai, I couldn’t help but be amazed that such an event, bringing together over a thousand bright minds working on some of the most pressing issues of our time, was but one of over 35,000 other events happening all over the world during this year's Global Entrepreneurship Week. Now if I could just figure out how to sleep on flights, it would make such trips more bearable.

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