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Policymakers, Mark your Calendars!

Mark Marich

In these tough economic times, policymakers should certainly look to entrepreneurs to boost recovery, job creation and innovation. Here is an opportunity to gather ideas. The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) will be hosting its 49th Annual Conference titled "Energizing Entrepreneurship: Monitoring Progress, Making Change" in Kansas City, MO in June.

C2ER will be sharing creative new ways to reinvigorate growth in America’s communities. C2ER has been working closely with the Kauffman Foundation and the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC) to gather expertise on a variety of topics designed to help regional policymakers encourage entrepreneurial dynamics, support renewable energy technologies, and assess the impact of limited resources.

The meeting will take place during June 3-5, 2009.  Interested policymakers, advisors, and community leaders can access a copy of the agenda and register here. In addition, C2ER is offering training on June 2-3 that will help participants identify fast growing firms and target efforts to energize entrepreneurs.  Training information can be found at the C2ER Training Institute's website.

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