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Price List

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Your price list is an important marketing tool. Customers may be motivated to purchase a product or service just by reading a price list. Remember, that a price list should be attractive, informative, easy to read, and easy to use for ordering. Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of including only their prices on the list. A price list should clearly identify all the different products or services, how much each costs, and the termsof the sale.

The basic principle is to make ordering or requesting products or services as easy as possible for customers. Here are some ideas to ensure that your price list remains an effective marketing tool:
  • Use easy-to-complete order blanks that can be entered online, faxed, or dropped into the mail.
  • Obtain a toll-free telephone number and feature it on the price list.
  • Display products/services on the reverse side of the price list.
Help keep your price list out of the customers’ files by placing it on some useful advertising-specialty item such as a calendar, business card holder, or paper pad holder. Don’t forget to include information on where and how the goods can be purchased. Experts recommend you provide at least three different ways of placing an order including traditional mail, Internet ordering, fax, phone, or e-mail.

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