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Stirring Up the Startup World

Mark Marich

Startup Weekend has helped educate more than 30,000 entrepreneurs at some 475 events worldwide, facilitating the launch of more than 650 new startup ventures around the globe. With events in more than 124 cities and thirty-plus countries, Startup Weekend is a featured event during Global Entrepreneurship Week, a Kauffman Foundation initiative that annually introduces millions of young people around the world to entrepreneurship.

Marc Nager jumped full-time into Startup Weekend in 2009. He serves as director along with Clint Nelsen and Franck Nouyrigat. A bootstrapping startup itself, Startup Weekend operates with a small core team based in Seattle and key program facilitators in cities around the world. With a background in international business, technical services, and business processes, Nager travels the world building communities and advising startups.

In a recent interview with for the Kauffman Foundation’s 2011 Thoughtbook, Nager describes what happens at these events that are inspiring startups worldwide and how the Startup Weekend phenomenon has struck a chord that resonates with entrepreneurs everywhere.

Startup Weekend… no talk, all action. Read the rest of the interview… and stay tuned for Startup Weekend’s plans for Global Entrepreneurship Week in November 2011.

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