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Top of My Entrepreneurial Mind

Thom Ruhe

Today, the Kauffman Foundation launched a weekly (for all intents and purposes) video channel called Top of Mind. It’s nothing fancy; no post-production special effects, no camera wizardry. It’s just me, my iPad, and my thoughts on a host of topics that are impacting the world of entrepreneurship.

Top of Mind with Thom Ruhe In my video debut, rough as it may be, I discuss the (anticipated) importance of crowdfunding on the startup world. And it’s not just technology-based business ideas pitching the public for much-needed cash, it’s any campaign that potential funders see worthy, many of which are in the realm of social entrepreneurship. I also talk a bit about Google Fiber, a great new addition to the Kansas City area – although not rolling out fast enough for many in the construction path, yours truly included.

It’s my intention that these videos serve as fodder for deeper conversations about what’s fueling and hindering entrepreneurship around the world. I’ll get the discussions started, bringing up sometimes controversial topics that are top of my mind, tossing my opinions out, and posing questions along the way, but it’s up to everyone watching to venture from observers to participants in the dialogue. Who knows, maybe in our collective ramblings we’ll stumble upon something that can change the face of entrepreneurship. Along the way, I am sure the good people that help me put this series out will do everything possible to make them better as we go . . . but please be patient as they are not miracle workers! Watch the first episodes.


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