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What Do Entrepreneurs Think?

Mark Marich

A new survey of American entrepreneurs conducted by theEwing Marion Kauffman Foundation revealed that entrepreneurs continue tostruggle despite increasing optimism about the economy on Wall Street and thatthey want government to do more to encourage entrepreneurship.

Conducted one week before Federal Reserve Chairman BenBernanke made the statement that the recession is "very likely over,” thepoll results show that 69 percent of entrepreneurs believe the recession willlast one to two years longer. The results also suggest that 53 percent ofentrepreneurs believe that the stimulus package has hurt entrepreneurialactivity.

“Pessimism and revenue loss among entrepreneurs on the frontlines of the economy indicate that the fruits of economic recovery have yet tohit Main Street,” said Carl J. Schramm, president and CEO of the KauffmanFoundation.  At the end of this week theKauffman Foundation will release details of a new initiative designed to enableentrepreneurs to have more influence on decisions that impact small businessgrowth and job creation. 

Some highlights from the study include:

  • 92% think that entrepreneurs are central to creating new jobs
  • 53% feel that the U.S. does not do enough to encourage entrepreneurship
  • 55% said the most important thing the federal government could do was cut tax rates on payrolls and businesses (although 28% said that it would cause the most problems)
  • 35% think that the laws in America make it more difficult to start a new business
  • 59% believe that the economy is getting worse, 68% say it isn't starting to recover
  • 82% are concerned about tax increases, 61% are very concerned

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