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AngelHack Fall 2012 Toronto

12/1/2012 9:00 AM - 12/2/2012 7:00 PM

AngelHack unites developers around the world for a hackathon competition, where they can learn developer tools, start new companies, and win prizes and funding for their ideas.

AngelHack Fall 2012 brings together 2500 developers across 11 cities for the world’s largest hackathon. The top 25 teams with receive 6-weeks of mentorship before being flown to Silicon Valley to showcase their work to investors and media, visit top tech companies, and goto VIP dinners and parties with the creme dela creme of Silicon Valley. On avg. 30% of finalists will find funding and move on to be groundbreaking startups.

This isn’t your typical hackathon; this is the big leagues. Are you 1337 enough?


8:00AM: Doors Open to Sponsors / Sponsor Table Setup

Most sponsors will receive tables to set up their shwag, informational material, and signage/promotions.

9:00AM: Doors Open to Attendees / Breakfast of Champions

Come one, come all. It’s time to enter, fill your bellies, and meet some new friends to work with. Sponsors will also be on hand to tell you about their products and how you can use them to help you throughout the HACK.

10:30AM: Shwag Giveaways Sponsor Talks and Team Pitches

Everyone will be gathered in a large auditorium setting to learn about sponsor tools and pitch their AngelHack ideas. This is your time to shine and sell people on why your hack is gonna be awesome. You’ll have A/V connections, a large screen behind you, and a booming microphone to help you get your point across. How and what you choose to present is entirely up to you, but please remember you’ll only have 60 seconds! Try and make them count.

12:00PM – Lunch is served / Recruit Recruit Recruit

Some people have their team, know what they’re gonna build, and are ready to rock n roll. Others aren’t so prepared. Good Luck to the later!

1:00PM – Hackathon Begins / Enter

AngelHack’s hackathon takes place for 25 hours straight through the night* (you’ll thank us for that extra hour)! It’s pretty awesome and quite an experience. During the hackathon, anything goes. Some locations will have massage tables, nerf guns, helicopters, toys, candy, stickers, etc… No matter what, keep calm and HACK on.

2:00PM-6:00pm – Sponsor Breakout Sessions

Some sponsors will be conducting private breakout session for attendees to learn more about their products. You’ll see a schedule for this on all the tables and can go to as many sessions as you’d like. These are great chances to learn more about the toolkits you’ll be hacking on.

7:00PM – Dinner is served / Red Bull Optional


7:00AM – Breakfast is served / Red Bull+Cereal = Cereull

12:00PM – Lunch is served / I can’t think straight but this tastes awesome!

1:00PM – Video Submissions Begin

Each team will need to submit a mandatory 1-minute pitch video showcasing what they made at AngelHack and why it’s awesome. These videos will only be used by sponsors to give out their prizes, in case they aren’t there. Everyone who submits a video will get to pitch onstage.

2:00PM – Hackathon Ends / Video Submissions Due

At 2:00PM we’ll close video submissions and only those who submitted will get to demo onstage. We’ll have multiple demo rooms for our larger venues. Please look to to find out what order you’ll be presenting in.

2:30PM –Demos Begin / It’s a socialmobilegeolocalnetworkforlolcats

This is the best part of the event…what we’ve all been waiting for! Let’s see what you got!

5:00PM – Winners are announced / Prizathon!

The results are in. Let’s see who the big winners are! Some prizes are local and some are national. Prizes vary depending on your venue, but should be listed on your Eventbrite/ page. The top 2-3 teams in every city will be awarded spots in our incubator and invitations to the finals on January 24th. Congratulations to all!!

5:30PM – Drinkathon / You’ve survived AngelHack… let’s celebrate!

5pm started 30 minutes ago. You have no excuse to be standing there with either hand not filled.

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