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Berlin Startup Culture Open Hackathon

11/17/2012 9:00 AM - 11/18/2012 8:00 PM

The hackathon will take place from Saturday, Nov 17 at 9am - Sunday, Nov 18 8pm.

This hackathon is the best place to work, network and perhaps even meet your future co-founding software engineer, designer, product guy, business geek, customer, employee or angel investor.

In the hacakthon you can either work on an existing or new project.

For startups it is the best place to see people working on apps and APIs for your products.

Don't be afraid or shy. The hackathon is meant to be fun. We will build interdisciplinary teams. You do not need to be a software engineer to participate.

There will be enterprise/consumer angel investors and VCs at the hackathon. So it would a great environment to chitchat with investors in a relaxed atmosphere about your product/project; WesttechVentures + Wellington + Hasso Plattner Ventures + Rocket Internet + Catagonia + Tarent AG

There will be free food and drinks on both days. Please write us an e-mail if you are vegetarian after buying a ticket in order to order vegetarian food also.

You can win an iPad for hacks on Paymill.

We will build interdisciplinary teams at the hackathon on the Saturday morning. Each team will consists of software engineers, product guys, designers and business geeks. The software engineers will be coding, while the product guys work on the product details,the designers take over the design and the business geeks the business side of the project.

On Sunday evening each team will have 5 minutes to demo and pitch their work + 5 minutes Q&A. The best 3 teams will win prizes.

Below are the list of topics:


1. Social

2. Photo

3. Couponing/daily deal services

4. Payments (web, mobile)

5. Mobile Advertising

6. Games

7. Real Estate

8. Education

9. Finance

10. Music & Sound

11. Travel


1. Big data analytics

2. Platform as a Service: PaaS

Learn More: Berlin Startup Culture Open Hackathon

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