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Deadline for Venture Cup Idea Competition

11/26/2012 11:00 PM - 11/27/2012 1:00 AM

Idea Competition participants can win 25.000 DKK in each of five categories: Cleantech & Environment; Life Science & MedTech; Mobile & Web; People & Society; and Product & Technology. This competition focuses primarily on idea originality, early stage business development, and scalability.

Participation gives access to advisors, workshops, an extensive network of investors, industry experts, and other entrepreneurs; all participants receive feedback from our qualified jury members.

To enter the Venture Cup Idea Competition, simply describe your business idea (max 3 pages) and submit it before the deadline in the fall.

What’s In It For Me?

For the past 10 years, we have worked to help and inspire young entrepreneurs. With more than 1900 teams, 1130 new jobs, and 4 international offices under our belt, Venture Cup is one of Europe’s largest and most trusted non-profits to help make startups happen. Supported by the Danish universities and some of Denmark’s most innovative companies, we provide support and the right mindset to help you succeed.

Some of the key challenges we can help you with:

Funding – 25.000 DKK cash prize to the best idea in each category, with no strings attached.

Network – Meet serial entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, industry experts, and our alumni club.

Feedback – Get early and vital feedback from our jury members and apply for an advisor.

Training – Learn to pitch, prototype, network, and write a business plan.

Experts – We facilitate contact to advisors and mentors to help make your idea a reality.

1. Can I Apply?

The Venture Cup competitions are open to all teams who have at least one person who is a student, faculty member or first-year graduate from one of the Danish universities (AAU, AU, CBS, DTU, KU, RUC, SDU) at the time of submission. For a full overview, please see the rules.

2. Business Idea

Whatever stage you are at, you need to explain your idea and the potential business. The judges will typically be looking for the following: a) the innovation of your idea; b) the problem it solves; c) the team to solve it; d) the business case; and e) how you will make it happen.

The written business idea must not exceed 3 standard written A4 pages. Not sure how to write a business plan? Check out our detailed description of a business plan at our Resources page or download the Idea Competition template here (PDF)

Once you have written the business plan, please save it as a PDF file of max 10 MB and name it the same as your business idea (e.g. “rubycup.pdf” or “blacksiliconsolar.pdf”)

Note: To help protect the privacy of your business idea, all members of the jury, advisors, and Venture Cup staff have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). For more information read our Resources and FAQ pages.

3. Choose A Category

Once you have written your business idea, you should know which of the competition categories it belongs in. Industry experts will read, rate, and provide vital feedback based on their category insight, so choosing the right category is important for both jury and participants.

You can apply with as many ideas as you want in any number of categories. However, you cannot submit the same idea in more than one category.

The 5 categories are:

Cleantech & Environment: energy efficiency, waste management, pollution reduction etc.

Life Science & MedTech: biotech, pharma, medical devices, healthcare, biomaterials etc.

Mobile & Web: apps, web services, search engines, augmented reality, Near Field Communication etc.

People & Society: education, consultancy, marketing, services, tourism, social entrepreneurship etc.

Product & Technology: industrial design, devices, robotics, hardware, nanotech etc.

4. Checklist

You and your business idea comply with the rules.

Your business idea is ready and contains the relevant areas of interest explained here.

All contact info on all team members should be clearly stated in the business idea and in our online competition management tool (the site where you upload your business plan).

Make sure your business idea is saved as a PDF of max 10MB and named after your business idea.

5. Apply

All applications are handled securely by our online competition management system. Once you click “Upload” below, a new window will open for your application. Provide all of the required information and upload the PDF to our online competition management system. You will receive a confirmation email for a successful upload. Note: The upload may take a few minutes, so please be patient and only click the Submit button once.

I Have Applied, Now What?

Congrats! You have now taken the first step to make your idea happen, and are now officially a member of the Venture Cup Alumni Club. Once the jury has rated and provided feedback to all participating teams, the finalists will be announced via email and the website. This process usually takes about 6 weeks from the submission deadline.

Thank you for participating and best of luck!

Learn More: Deadline for Venture Cup Idea Competition

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