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DevOps Meetup November

11/19/2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 AM

Patrick de Zoete (Schuberg Philis): 100% uptime

An active discussion about both culture and technology to promise and deliver 100% uptime for mission critical environments.

Patrick works for Schuberg Philis, a company that specializes in designing, building and running application landscapes for which it guarantees 100% availability to its customers, which include energy companies, banks and other financial institutions, and online retailers. To all of them their applications are critical to their business. A 100% availability commitment requires a nonconventional way of working which is reflected in technology and processes, but most of all culture. After working across the whole stack for over 10 years Patrick realized that all technical problems become trivial when compared with, talented, moody, wonderful but utterly analog human beings.

Zsolt Dollenstein (Prezi): Operating A Highly Available Messaging System On AWS

The talk will describe our experiences with designing and operating a messaging system, to be able to do background processing on events generated by our frontend and/or users. We'll go through 3 different approaches that we tried (Scribe, Kafka, custom polling), weaknesses and strengths that we cared about.

This meetup event is English speaking! The venue, drinks and pizza is sponsored by Prezi.

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