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Do it Game

11/15/2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Come and play the DO IT!-game and experience what it feels like to be an entrepreneur! Based on the technology of two startups you will create your company with the help of real life advisors. In just three hours you get will get insight into what it takes to startup your own company.

The Game

The game starts with two short presentations of patented technologies from two different start-ups from the high-tech YES!Delft Incubator. The entrepreneurs tell you all you need to know about these technologies and show you some of the possible applications. After this introduction, each team chooses one of the technologies and creates a product based on one of the technologies.

During the game the teams create their company with the advice of real life advisors. The teams deal with issues such as the development of their product, patent strategy, subsidies, loans and insurances and finally market entry. The experts guide the student teams during this process.

The game exists of 4 rounds, each round takes about 20 minutes. After each round the teams receive an update of the annual statistics from the game instructor.

At the end of game the advisors and game instructors determine the winning team. Which team created an applicable product and a credible business?

The advisors

During the game you will be supervised and helped by advisors from different companies. For instance, people of Rabobank will help you with loans & insurances – but will also be the ones to decide whether you get a loan or not. The same goes for the Chamber of Commerce and for the people of YES!Delft Incubation Centre. During the game there will be some other parties involved, but this will remain a surprise for now. Of course, before you start the game, we’ll provide you with all the information needed!

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