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NY Business Expo 2012

11/14/2012 2:00 PM - 11/15/2012 4:00 PM

What is NY Business Expo?

NY Business Expo 2012 is the most disruptive B2B trade show of the year. This event will bring together over thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs, close to 200 exhibitors, 100 startup mentors, and 32 workshops which will last for two days. Attendees will mostly be comprised of c-level executives, senior managers, small business owners, startup founders, investors and service professionals. Come chat one on one with our Startup Central mentors, or simply attend a Small Business Classroom seminar. General admission is free for the show floor. Sign up today to become part of the expo experience!

Show Floor

The Show Floor is a highly participatory and interactive program that highlights businesses, products and services that will help you increase your bottom line. This part is open to all the expo attendees for free.

By exhibiting at the Show Floor, you will maximize your ROI in the most efficient manner. We will bring thousands of qualified attendees (i.e. opinion leaders, influencers, reporters, evangelists and general users in your target market) directly to your booth. Each one of them may possibly become a loyal advocate for your product after talking to you or your staff.

In terms of demographics, over 80% of the attendees are c-level executives and senior level managers. In terms of geographical reach, the show will be advertised nationally. We project that over 70% of the attendees will be coming from New York. For the industry type breakdown, here are the top ten categories we project:


•professional services





•venture investing/private equity



•real estate

Startup Central

Startup Central is a key component for this Expo. Technology has become an essential part of everyone's life. Technology web startups play a major role in shaping the the entire tech industry. We want to extend an invite to folks working in the startup industry to this expo. NY Business Expo 2012 will be the first major business trade show in New York that integrates web startup and small business communities. We bring something totally refreshing to the business ecosystem on the east coast. You will be meeting close to 100 mentors at the Startup Central area.

Do you enjoy teaching and giving back to community? If so, you should apply to become a mentor for this program. Fill out the application form. Then we will provide you with more details. A mentor usually falls into the following categories:

•serial entrepreneurs

•management staff at a technology firm

•venture capitalists

•angel investors

•experienced lawyers that work with startups

•startup community organizers

•startup consultants

•startup/entrepreneurship professors

•senior incubator managers

•influencers/movers and shakers in the tech industry


Small Business Classroom offers excellent resources to help business owners become more skillful with social media, technology, marketing/sales tactics, etc.

If you like to learn by surrounding yourself with exceptional mentors, teachers and change makers, then Small Business Classroom is for you! Don't hesitate. Register today. First find which session interests you the most. Then make a reservation for that specific session on the event registration page. Or you can attend any of the 32 seminars for just $100.

If you would like to become a presenter at one of the seminars, fill out the application form. Panel opportunities are available as well.

After Hour Networking

Open bar. Cool people. Unlimited networking. It just can't get any better! If you missed any Small Business Classroom or Startup Central sessions during the day, this is your opportunity to catch up with our mentors and speakers.

Besides, you will be able to meet hundreds of small business owners and startup entrepreneurs here. Details are coming soon.

Learn More: NY Business Expo 2012

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