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11/14/2012 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

The Python User Group Cologne ( pyCologne ) is a set of Python friends from the Cologne-Bonn-Dusseldorf. There are regular monthly meetings are held (every 2nd Wednesday of the month). Whose goal is the exchange of information on Python by lectures, discussions and help on all aspects of the Python world. Besides the technical issues are also book reviews, announcements and reports of events or planning their own events. The participants come from very different fields of activity. Some are employed by private companies, public companies and research institutions. There are also self-employed, students and pensioners. In pyCologne Python newcomers find exactly like Python professionals an information, discussion and inspiration forum.

We invite all Python fans from the area to join us and come to the meeting! We are always interested in meeting other Python users and find out what they use Python and what experience they have gained.

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pyCologne meet until further still at second Wednesday of the month .

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18:30 CT

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The nearest public transport stops are "Venloer Str / Belt." (Lines 3, 4 and 13) and the Bahnhof Ehrenfeld (S12, S13 and regional trains) - see also arrival .

The structured part of the event is from about 18:45 clock later than 21.00 clock. Then it goes to a nearby restaurant to discuss loose in a cozy atmosphere further.


For the next meeting, there is no program. If you still want to file a short lecture occasional entertainment, tell me on the mailing list about it.Otherwise we will just spontaneously decide the issues.

There is room for spontaneous introduced topics, lightning talks, book and program ideas, questions, announcements, and everything you so think about Python.

Suggestions and requests, for subsequent meetings are welcome! Simply go to the mailing list or express in the collection of ideas enter.

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