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UK Market Access

11/15/2012 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Theme meeting: UK Market Access / Copenhagen


Thursday 15th november 2012 at. 16:00 to 19:00

Events in collaboration with Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Limited (DUCC)

Britain is a large and close market, which is attractivefor many Danish companies. Although Denmark and the UK are close trading partners, there are still differences in the way trade is conducted in the two countries, and it is important that these are understood and overcome. Want to hear more about some of the challenges that Danish companies have encountered, and overcome when they expanded into the UK market? Are you interested in some practical advice on how it is doing business in the UK? Come to our event in cooperation with DUCC in Copenhagen and gain an insight into the current UK business environment, and how you can succeed in this market. The main considerations for exports and capital by establishing business in the UK will be outlined, as well as some possible solutions will be offered. The events will focus on sharing experiences and knowledge from people and companies who have tried it. It would also be an excellent network option.

The events are both in Danish and English!

Click here to see a list of questions that participants have sent to the speakers. Remember to write your own to us when you register for the event.

Click here to see a list of participating companies in Copenhagen . Click here for more information.

Location: Delacour Dania, Langebrogade 4, 1411 Copenhagen


16:00 Registration

16:30 Welcome: Gunnar P. Larsen , Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce

Moderator: Henrik Kleis , Delacour Dania

An initial startup of a new market through export

Laura Thorborg , Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Setting up own branch in the UK - why and how UKTI can help

His Monberg , UKTI

Capital and resources to expand

Bent Bang Haulrik , Capital Exchange

UK Market Access - a local approach and deals in the Midlands

Martin Williams , European Business Solutions

How is it in reality? Company-case

Preben Paulsen , Planova

17:40 Q & A

18:00 Networking

19:00 End

Price This event is free for all. However, all participants will be on the guest list. Subscribe via : Please write three questions you want answers to during the afternoon and we will make sure that the speakers are the specific questions. Deadline for registration is the fourth November 2012.

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