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VanCX #5 - Startup Life: Lessons Learned with Entrepreneur Ian Andrew Bell

11/15/2012 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Startup Life: Lessons learned launching mobile & web-based community services

Vancouver-based serial entrepreneur Ian Andrew Bell will walk us through his lessons learned from the launch and growth of two very different services:

Tingle, a mobile dating app leading the next generation of Online Dating, was launched North America-wide in Feb 2012 after a one-year trial in Vancouver. Tingle was designed to remedy the chief problem afflicting online dating: loyalty. In an industry dominated by unusable web sites, quants, and schlocky marketing Tingle is a completely new approach to building a satisfying experience for singles and required a complete re-evaluation of the business model and service model for online dating. Tingle was designed to be safer, more enjoyable, and more spontaneous than mainstream online dating.

RosterBot, Ian's former "hobby" recently relaunched after experiencing staggering growth. RosterBot takes the work out of play by handling RSVPs, positions, and (soon) payments for the organizers of teams in sports and other activities. With zero marketing or public relations, RosterBot grow from a few dozen friends in 2008 to 20,000+ members worldwide thanks to its innate virality. While RosterBot was literally developed from the back of Ian's desk it is frequently reported in context with startups funded by millions of dollars. With his new partners, NHL veteran Bret Hedican and senior developer Chad Lindstrom, RosterBot is moving forward as something more than a hobby.

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