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geekscologne 9 Kölner Science Slam

11/22/2012 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

On 9 November is finally over: The whole of Germany on decides who will be the Master of Science Slam 2012th

For 20-23 clock, not only the 1,000 spectators in Karlsruhe determine who receives the coveted title this year - the Live broadcast and online voting ARD make the decision nationally! "Multimedia is not it!" said Falko Brinkmann, moderator and organizer of the Science Slam Finals 2012th "Together with our media SWR we bring the German final in the living room. Each Science Slam fan can be there and vote. And who is on the road follows us on Twitter, " The National Finals in Science Slam is the highlight of the ARD Radio Play Days in Karlsruhe. Together with knowledge SWR2 this year the Science Slam Karlsruhe presents the best eight Slammer Germany:

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