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International Conference Problems and prospects of scientific and technological cooperation of stu

10/6/2012 9:00 AM - 10/7/2012 7:00 PM

Tasks of the conference:

- systematizing experience of organizing interdisciplinary projects;

- establishing a center of scientific, cultural and business communication in cooperation with the representatives of the Asia-Pacific countries;

-academic mobility as a competence of a contemporary researcher;

- administrating scientific and innovative projects;

- organizing joint international student self-establishments;

- experience of managing conflicts of interests in the scientific environment.

Recommended structure of the presentation for students and postgraduates:

- research work in the last 1-2 years;

- experience of participating in research projects of foreign colleagues;

-personal experience of participating in international research projects;

- experience of participating in innovative projects;

- significance of cooperation between the scientists of the Asia-Pacific countries – opinion of the presentation author;

-significance of developing international student self-establishments – opinion of the presentation author;

Scientific fields of the Conference:

- education science,

- natural sciences,

- humanities,

- economic and management,

- international and regional studies,

- innovations,

- engineering,

- law,

- healthcare.

The conference involves schoolchildren, high school students, post-graduate students, young researchers and high-qualified scientists.

Conditions of participation in the Conference:

- arrangement (registration) fee - none;

- transport expenses – at the participants’ own expense;

- food – lunch provided by FEFU;

- accommodation October 6-7 – at the participants’ own expense;

- compiling and publishing of the proceedings – paid by FEFU.

Working languages of the conference: Russian, English.

Forms of participation: On-site presentation and remote on-line (Skype) presentation. The reports of the participants are planned for deposition with the All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information/publication in the FEFU publishing house.


- September 20, 2012 – receiving applications for participation (participant registration forms) (Supplement 1);

- October 10, 2012 – receiving presentations from the authors of the reports;

- October 5, 2012 – receiving scientific works of the Conference participants filled out in accordance with the requirements (Supplement 2).

In order to participate in the conference, it is required to send an application for participation and research materials (abstract/articles) before September 20, 2012 to the following address:

The information on the conference:

Updated information about the changes in the Program and place of the conference can be found on the website.

Organizing committee:

Nataliia Voevodina – project manager

tel.: +7(914)7057211, email:

Natalya Spitsyna – executive in charge of the project

Galina Sobolevskaya – documentary manager

Sergei Moun – financial and logistical support of the project

Yury Dmitriev – informational and technical support of the project

Olga Elanceva – scientific and analytical support of the project

Tamara Borovkova - scientific and analytical support of the project

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