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Distill - The Essence of Development

8/8/2013 8:00 AM - 8/9/2013 6:00 PM

Distill is a developer conference featuring over 25 speakers showcasing best practices from application architecture and user experience to testing and security. By attending, you will gain a deeper understanding of new technologies and progressive methods currently on the rise in software development. You will hear from such luminaries as Hampton Catlin (inventor of Sass), Konstantin Haase (maintainer of Sinatra and Travis.CI), Matthew Weier O'Phinney (project lead on the Zend Framework), John Paul (lead architect at Conde Nast) and many more.

The conference will take place on Treasure Island in San Francisco where you will experience stellar content supplemented by gorgeous views of the skyline and bay. Distill is about education, cross-pollination and community--for you to forge new relationships with your fellow attendees and leave the event feeling enriched, edified and inspired.

This is your conference!

>Brent Bushnell - CEO, Two Bit Circus
>James Whelton - Co-Founder, CoderDojo
>Michael Lopp - Director of Engineering, Palantir
>Nolan Bushnell - Founder, Atari/Chuck E. Cheese's
>Ana Nelson - Creator, Dexy
>David Hendee - Partner, Carbon Five
>Ed Finkler - Partner, Fictive Kin
>Eli White - Founder, Musketeers
>Elise Worthy - Founder, Brandworthy
>Hampton Catlin - VP of Technology, Moovweb
>Jessica Lynn Suttles - Software Engineer, G5
>Jim Weirich - Chief Scientist, Neo
>Tina Bolton - Designer, Do
>Joe Drumgoole - VP of Product Management, FeedHenry
>John Mertic - Solutions Architect, SugarCRM
>John Paul - Lead Architect, Conde Nast
>Kerri Miller - Senior Software Developer, Blue Box
>Konstantin Haase - Open Source Developer, Travis CI
>Matteo Collina - PhD Student, Unibo
>Matthew Weier O'Phinney - Project Lead, Zend Framework
>Patti Chan - Sirector of Project Management, Intridea
>Richard Rodger - COO, NearForm
>Richard Watson - Developer Evangelist, Engine Yard
>Ron Evans - Ringleader, The Hybrid Group
>Shanley Kane - Director of Project Management, Heroku


Day 1

8 AM -- Registration & Breakfast
10 AM -- Keynote: Brent & Nolan Bushnell
11 AM -- Realigning & Refactoring UI/Ruby On Robots Using Artio
11:45 AM -- Open Sourcing Mental Illness/Connascence Examined
12:30 PM -- Lunch & Lawn Games
2 PM -- Keynote: James Whelton
3 PM -- History of Women in Programming/Anti-Spam & Anti-Gaming Tactics
3:45 PM -- Smitten Ice Cream Break
4:15 PM -- Four Web Technologies You Should be Looking at Now!/Failure for Fun & Profit!
5 PM -- Lightning Talks
6 PM -- Fini
8 PM -- Moonshine

Day 2

9 AM -- Breakfast
10 AM -- Keynote: Michael Lopp
11 AM -- Death to Cookies/Fitter! Happier! Chart Your Team's Health with Fibit, Github, & R
11:45 AM -- Building Enterprise Mobile Applications - A View From the Trenches
12:30 PM -- Lunch & Lawn Games
1:30 PM -- Leaner, Meaner Design/Making Things That Works with Us
2:15 PM -- How to Write Big Apps/Full Stack Documentation
3 PM -- Break
3:30 PM -- Designing Cloud Aware Apps/Hampton's 6 Rules of Mobile Design
4:15 PM -- JavaScript - The Real Bad Parts/Beautiful Software
5 PM -- Fireside Chat
6 PM -- Fini

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