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Future Estate

8/8/2013 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Leslie Chicoine (42 Floors)

Matt Abfalter (Pivot Desk)

Felipe Gomez-Kraus (CAC Group)

Moderated by: Patrick Keenan (Cooper | SQFT)


Technology is not only changing the way we experience the city, its changing the ownership and usage of the our physical infrastructure. Join us in a discussion touching on themes of collaborative consumption, market creation, and experience design with a focus on how real-estate is changing, and the technological trends behind that shift.

The Future Estate panel will feature Leslie Chicoine of 42 Floors speaking from a perspective of commercial real estate, Matt Abfalter speaking to shared workspace and coworking world, and Felipe Gomez-Kraus from CAC Group sharing perspectives on how we might reimagine an old industry.

Questions covered during the conversation will include:

What does ownership mean you in the increasingly temporary cityscape.

How is the speed of change working out, and where does technology fit in?

What digital experiences and products are bridging the gap to the built environent?


Send any questions you might have for the panelists to @CityPixelsSF #futureestate.

Follow @CityPixelsSF the night of the event for a live feed of the conversation.

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