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Investor Feedback Forum New York August

8/8/2013 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Ultra Light Startups

Investor Feedback Forum

Jordan BettmanDavid HorowitzWilliam ReinischBenjamin Siscovick

Investor Panelists

Jordan Bettman, Principal at Bain Capital Ventures

David Horowitz Partner at Genacast Ventures

William Reinisch, Venture Partner at Paladin Capital Group

Benjamin Siscovick, Venture Capital at IA Ventures

Startup Pitches

Gunter Pfau - Stuzo

Richard Yawn - CliXLEX

Matthew Tollin - wireLawyer

Divya Narendra - SumZero

Chris Mirabile - Healthy Hand

Evan Wray - TextPride

Baruch Herzfeld - ZenoRadio

Michele Spiezia - Bespoke


6:30pm – Pizza, networking and introductions

6:45pm – 8 startup pitches; investor panel provides actionable advice following each pitch

8:15pm – The audience votes for the best startup; winners announced and prizes awarded

8:30pm – Drinks at nearby location


To help early stage startups refine their investor pitch

To provide actionable advice and feedback for each presenting startup

To provide insight on how investors evaluate startups and pitches

To award prizes to the most viable startups, based on audience voting


Graham Lawlor (@generationg), Founder of Ultra Light Startups

Mark Caron (@markcaron), Ultra Light Startups

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