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Code for Sacramento International Open Data Day Hackathon 2013

2/23/2013 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Code for Sacramento - International Open Data Day Hackathon 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013, 10:00 AM

Selected By: Ash Roughani

Hacker Lab

Sacramento, CA (map)

Selected by: Ash Roughani

If you have an idea for using open data, want to find an interesting project to contribute towards, learn about how to visualize or analyze data or simply want to see what's happening, then definitely come participate! No matter your skillset or interests, we are encouraging organizers to foster opportunities for you to learn and help the global open data community grow.


We need computer cowboys and cowgirls like yourself to wrangle data into something useful. That means visualization, notification, integration, etc., all in the name of doing something crazy and fantastic.


We need people like you to make the everything look amazing, feel intuitive, and have a smooth user experience. The best application in the world that no one can use... isn't much use! You know the drill.


We heard you folks like books and eat catalogs of data for breakfast. You beautiful people are going to scour the earth for interesting data, help the rest of us figure out what’s important, and generally be useful.


YES! YOU ARE SO NEEDED. Seriously. While we can find it, blow it up, calculate it, and make it look pretty, we needs us some mean number crunchin’ to present meaningful visualizations. Join up.


We need you the most. If it weren’t for you, this whole thing wouldn’t be happening. We need ideas, cheerleaders, and friends to spread the word.

Here's one example of a project we could pull together...

Let's update all of the data from this 2004 report:

...and turn it into a dynamic platform that looks something like this:

Got an idea? Let us know in advance so we're ready to divide and conquer by sending an email to ash (at)

Or just show up! We'd love to have your help in any capacity.

Selected by: Ash Roughani

Learn More: Code for Sacramento International Open Data Day Hackathon 2013

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