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NEXT Munich powered by Startup Weekend

2/27/2013 6:00 PM - 3/27/2013 9:00 PM

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NEXT Munich with your startup is on track

You are interested in the program but do not speak German? No excuse! Contact us and we will find a solution.

Who benefits from Munich NEXT?

Early-stage startups that already have a clear idea of ​​a business model or

Early-stage startups that do not have extensive funding or

Startups who want to discover hidden potential in their business model

What awaits you at NEXT Munich?

NEXT Munich is a 4-week intensive program with the goal of your business model to develop significantly more.

three characteristics distinguish NEXT Munich:

Moderated - NEXT a clear procedure for the model has proven Silicon Valley method. You and your team have a clear roadmap that serves significantly to the development of your business. Experienced, superbly networked mentors accompany you here.

Based Action - The theoretical program methodology learn you and your team in the independent study - in your own speed and in the metered stint. The decisive, practical actions are "outside the building", outside the comfort zone, instead. Intensity and welding tasks together your team.

Feedback-oriented - your team will receive valuable feedback from potential customers, your personal mentor team and the other teams. Is a 360-degree feedback to date it in any other program. The learning-oriented testing of your initial business model helps you groundbreaking insights into the business context to get - without losing valuable time and money.

What commitment do not enter into you and your team?

Learn the proven Customer Development methodology for the flipped classroom model (5h)

Interviews with potential customers (10-15h/Woche)

Presentation of interim results with 360 ° Feeback (1-2x 3h/Woche evening)

Intensive, personal mentoring (at least 1x 1h/Woche, virtual / physical)

Documentation of successful progress (3h/Woche)

Collaboration and communication within the team and with the mentor (continuous)

What comes out at NEXT Munich for you and your team?

a mature business model - field tested, handy and defensible for investors, potential employees and partners.

safe use of the practice-proven Silicon Valley methodology - broader view, reduced risk, increased chances of success!

a stress experienced team - a weekend is a first feeling, 4 intensive weeks but a clear statement of whether the team is a real team

valuable relationships - the program ends, the connection! And after NEXT is the next challenge in which you can fall back on the extended network.

Learn More: NEXT Munich powered by Startup Weekend

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