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Nederland Innoveert

2/1/2013 - 2/2/2013

About the Netherlands Innovates

Technicians indispensable for innovation

Technical students and employees are crucial for innovation and economic growth in the Netherlands. For companies and politicians is growing awareness that the next few years a chronic shortage of scientists threatens, what the development of our knowledge may compromise.

Organizations such as Science and Technology Platform and Jet-Net have the task itself to children from an early age the 'wonder' to give that can later lead to the choice of a beta trial and beta-appeal. They focus on a healthy influx of beta-school students interested in the (middle) long term.

Industry associations and companies are committed to continuing through learning and retraining of technical workers to give them an interesting career to offer.

Career Perspective

Netherlands Innovates (NLi) endorses the above initiatives and wants to give substance to a switch that is still missing. Enterprises have to deal with shortages of technical personnel. In collaboration with other organizations that focus on these issues, will NLi career prospects show professionals, graduates and students who have already chosen technique. This would NLi the outflow from the technique limit by ensuring that technical students are actually in a technical capacity to work and technical professionals with a job change again for a (substantive) technical function.

Inspiring dream jobs

NLi do this (future) engineers to inspire the opportunities, challenges and social relevance that technical 'dream job' to offer. Specifically, by a two-day technology event of the innovative projects and showcases in the spotlight, where Dutch engineers (SME) companies in the Netherlands to work. Visitors to this technique event make substantive knowledge of all innovation that Dutch companies takes place, with the crucial role of technology. At the same time they can familiarize themselves with the technical labor and see how they like (upcoming) engineer their childhood dream to live up to the art.

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