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Open Data Day 2013

2/24/2013 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

* Emergency notification: Sorry the second wave of the full 20 places, we think of a way, thank you!

This is the activity?

This is a collection of programmers in every city in the world and public activities. Programmers together, using open public data is based, to write applications to create visual data, and publish the results.

To support and encourage every place in the world, in each region, and the government of each country to support open data (Open Data). More than 70 cities around the world in response to

Why do this activity?

The Government understands the importance of open government data and value-added, the most effective way is to allow the government to see the information in the various use, how to improve the social environment and create a more sustainable economic environment.

In early 2013, Code for Tomorrow decided to respond to global events, hosting a hackathon promote "the spirit of the writing program to transform the city, so opening up the information in a specific development in Taiwan.

We need you!

If you have the idea of ​​using open data, or you must be a fun project to contribute to the understanding of how to visualize all kinds of information and analysis of data, or just want to see what happened, then you must to attend! Regardless of your skill or interest, we encourage the organizers of the various types of brewing opportunity to contribute to your learning and help contribute to the growth of the global open data community.

We urgently need your help, for example:

Program developers: we need to master design information more useful program. This may be the visualization of information, updates and integration, the more crazy, more stick, the better

Design / user experience: We need to like you can make things become great, very friendly, and the emphasis on thoughtful user experience. If the application of the best in the world no one can use ... that is useless! You know how they do this thing.

Library and information management industry: Listen to say you have will be reading books and collate information as breakfast. You have these beautiful workers must know how to explore better information from the world, and to help other people find important and useful information.

The statistical worker / scientist: Yes! Do not doubt! When we want to find information, organize data, calculations, or looks more delicious, we need your powerful statistical concepts and techniques, so that the data can be visualized. Join it.

Data scientists

Public: either because there are people who are great, we did not do it, we need ideas, eager to real needs, can assist in the promotion of our widely friend and cheerleader.

NGO workers

Governmental organization workers


Date: February 24, 2013

Time: 09:00 ~ 18:00 (GMT +8)

Organizers: Code for Tomorrow

Co-organizers: SYSTEX , Etu

Venue: Systex Building B1F Ruiguang Road, Neihu District, Taipei 318, No.

The third units: the OpenStreetMap Taiwan , XD Crossdesign

Activity tags: # opendataday


09:00 - report

09:45 - description of activities

10:00 - Lightening Talks

10:45 - pairing & Hacking & workshops & lectures

12:30 - Lunch (field)

16:45 - the day exhibition on the achievements

18:00 - End


Parking: open air car park opposite the Taipei Flower Market, internal medicine the roadside Holiday has a vacancy

MRT: MRT Gangcian, station 8 minutes walk

Bus: Taipei Flower Market Station

Global activities support units

British Open Knowledge Foundation Open Knowledge Foundation article

U.S. federal open data website / White House

The White House, this year's activities Description

, World Bank, World Bank

The climb Data Wiki ScraperWiki

In fact, too many fundamental cite endless ...

Look at what we are doing?

Open Data Day activities open preparatory URL

Open Data Day work Whiteboard of

IRC: Freenode # codefortomorrow

Code for Tomorrow


Forum / group / codefortomorrow

Facebook / CodeForTomorrow

The Google+ /


The activities organized by the Community spontaneous, if so ill at, please forgive me.

Learn More: Open Data Day 2013

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