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Quand la notoriété flirte avec le marketing

2/26/2013 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Where, a few years ago, the channels of distribution varied when it came to market a product, to share the results of research or artistic creation, a concept is now to ensure that the desired radiation you take "the personal branding." This phenomenon has become, of course, with the use of social networks.

was observed, for example, qu'articuler communication about an individual representing a brand can establish quickly a trust between consumers and Brand and it also generates more audience. effect mode? Perhaps, but Ford Motors to Apple's Steve Jobs through the Live Aid Bob Geldof, there is the success of this method. And behind this practice, we finally found two fundamental principles: facilitating real conversations and humanizing relationships. SheepStudio The Community Managers and LiBook interested for several years in this change in methodology. Their research is currently given to HEC Chair "The Chair epoKsy", in collaboration with Eric Poskin, Director of Strategic Hermes. Together, during the lunch-conference LIEGE CREATIVE, we will consider this phenomenon methodology goes beyond marketing and we will respond to several questions: is it worth this strategy for all areas that need to be integrated into its strategy, what pitfalls to avoid in order to increase positive reputation online?

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