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Startup Product Summit

2/7/2013 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Startup Product Talks presents:

Startup Product Summit

February 7, 2013


What is this conference about?

Product is evolving. Increasingly, the responsibility for creating and maintaining a great product falls on everyone's shoulders. And nowhere else is that more true than in a startup environment, where "official" product roles often don’t come in until well after the inception of a product.

Particularly with the rise of Agile development and Lean Startup thinking, teams are focusing more on customer experience and disseminating product responsibilities throughout existing roles: developers, designers, founders, marketers.

Startup Product Summit is a conference uniquely focused on the product -- the one thing everyone at a startup has in common.

Who is the Summit for?

We're not just for product managers! We want to bring a diverse group of people into the room and strongly encourage anyone who touches product at their company, or is interested in a product role, to join us. This includes:




Product Managers

Support Members

Community Managers

Content Strategists

Who's Speaking:

We've got a healthy mix of product managers, engineers, marketers and designers speaking from their experiences about products from every angle, including prototyping, roadmapping and marketing. They include:

Jonathan Smiley, Partner & Design Lead, ZURB

Rand Fitzpatrick, Chief Product Officer, OkCupid Labs

Jameson Detweiler, Co-Founder & CEO, LaunchRock

Leo Widrich, Co-Founder, Buffer

Joe Stump, Co-Founder,

Samantha Kosko, Marketing Manager, 10gen/MongoDB

And more! See our main site for a full list of speakers.

What to expect:

At our first Startup Product Summit, our goal is to bring together everyone who touches product at a company to talk frankly about what product is and our shared role in making them a success.

We hate boring conferences as much as you do. We’re structuring this conference in a lightning talk format to reflect our belief that attendees’ experiences are just as important as the speakers’. We'll begin each section of the agenda with a group conversation about what we want to get out of our time together. Over the course of the day, we hope to see patterns emerge in our common understanding of product. There will be plenty of time to talk to one another and synthesize what you've learned.

Find Out More:

Main Site





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Learn More: Startup Product Summit

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