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Unleashing Innovation

2/19/2013 5:30 PM - 2/21/2013 1:30 PM

n a world of accelerating change, the hallmark of successful companies and societies is the ability to nurture cutting-edge innovation.

The Wall Street Journal's Unleashing Innovation conference will, for the first time, bring together global leaders from business, government and academia with expertise in information technology, biotechnology and clean tech, to provide practical advice on strategies to drive innovation in organizations. Participants will work together in intensive breakout sessions to identify insights and tools that large companies, entrepreneurs and governments can use to avoid innovators' pitfalls, and turn rapid innovation into a competitive advantage.

Unleashing Innovation will assemble an invitation-only delegation of international executives in a highly interactive environment that offers live journalism at its best.

Participants will:

Meet and hear from the most influential leaders in innovation, including CEOs, thought leaders and practitioners from diverse industries and countries

Benefit from rigorous analysis of the most cutting-edge ideas in business and technology today through interviews and breakouts led by the Journal’s experts

Network with an invitation-only group of international executives who are driving innovation across industries, cultures and geographies

Gain expertise on complex issues that will define the future

Lively, provocative interviews and breakout sessions will be facilitated by expert editors from The Wall Street Journal.

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