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Young Entrepreneurs Meetup

2/18/2013 - 2:00 AM

Association for the next generation, the young venture gather lottery system and small】 【

surrounded Murakami - Ribusensu, Mr. Furukawa nanapi, Mr. Tsuruta Labit, ~ try to talk business

[18] Schedule Mon 2 (Mon)

7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Registration begins ※ [18:30]

[Event] meaning

there is no energy in Japan is now, that the less innovative business from Japan, does not occur boom is partly to blame.

In order to have a successful business out fast, you need to share success stories.

To that end, a young venture gather momentum, no senior entrepreneurs seriously,

I want to be an event to put out a successful venture from Japan.

[Schedule] day

[18:30] >> start accepting Part 1 >> Party started! [18:30] be the event to distribute liquor from the beginning, while the exchange! Part 2 >> Talk [19:30 to 20:00] start "theme for entrepreneurs "trial and error during startup" and "we need the following guests [

three ]


Murakami Taichi Taichi Murakami ( @ M_tai1 )

Representative Director Ribusensu Born in Tokyo in 1986. From high school, such as raising entrepreneurial start preparing the founding members. In 2005, the admission School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. Attend a "basic course Entrepreneurship venture", won the Business Plan Competition. Ribusensu founded in February 2006, in first grade college. Listed on the history of the youngest at the age of 25 to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in October, 2012 to December 2011. Company business is like anything else, I enjoy the work a day, 365 days a year. We send a shout-out to reverse a lecture for students to sew the interval of business, leaders of the next generation.

Kensuke Furukawa, Kensuke Furukawa ( @ Kensuu )

Nanapi Corporation Representative Director Born in Tokyo in 1981. Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Economics Department of Economics. While in school, I served as President of Media clip Inc. ran a "must have" rental bulletin board type Channel 2 community representatives and "Milk Cafe" teenagers. Is currently in operation at the nanapi nanapi Corporation.

Tsuruta, Hiroyuki Hiroyuki Tsuruda ( @ Mocchicc )

Co., Ltd. Representative Director Labit

was born in 1991 in Nagasaki Prefecture. Involved in the planning and development of a variety of Web services from a teenager. And "timetable wow" app for college students, the website "" More than 10 million people have visited after the Great East Japan Earthquake, books "PRAY FOR JAPAN - the day the world began to pray 3.11" supervised the publication (Kodansha) . Active as a blogger. Enrolled in the Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University.

Number after the name of the winner [20] is (Thursday) 2/14 is the date of the press announcement, lottery ※! !

The only winner, to a mail address you fill in the questionnaire, we will send you an email winning! !

【Fee】 3,000 yen


engineers belonging venture, director, and other

engineers who are interested in entrepreneurship and venture, director, and other

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