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1st Industry 40 Mini Conference

1/25/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Together with, B4B organizes the first Industry 4.0 Mini Conference (GE calls it the Industrial Internet) to introduce the concept and opportunities to Berlin startup land. It will be just a mini conference with one panel, but a strong focus on audience participation! We want to look back in 1 or 2 years and hear stories about how great people have met at this event and started to work on really challenging and important projects. As lots of the tickets are already gone now everyone has to apply quickly to get a free ticket: (we will ping you in about a week if you get a free ticket)

As line-up we have:

*Henning Kargermann, now Acatech, previously CEO at SAP from 98 - 2009

*Paul Jozefak, Liquid Labs, previously Neuhaus Partners and in the past also SAP Ventures

*Stefan Ferber, Bosch Software Innovations

*Max Senges, Google Berlin

*Lutz Villalba as Industry 4.0 startup entrepreneur with his startup called Made

+ more are in the making.

The event will be at Google Berlin, January 25th, and start at 6PM. Food and beverages are sponsored by Acatech. And after the panel there will be time and space to network and start amazing things together.

Learn More: 1st Industry 40 Mini Conference

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