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First Tuesday

1/8/2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

First Tuesday Bergen is an informal network that connects innovation, resources, products, services, customers, suppliers, companies, people, skills and ideas.

In addition, we network with other business organizations, educational institutions and related industries.


Established in London in October 1998

Founded in Oslo in September 1999

Established in Bergen in January 2000

We are pleased to announce that local entrepreneurial companies have been added capital just through contacts established at our events. Besides, we also have several examples of First Tuesday has been the basis for the establishment of cooperative relationships, job changes, etc. First Tuesday is based on the collective spirit, handpicked collaborators, good speaker, and last but not least, a talented network of members who do not seem to get enough of "networking" and lectures.

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To read more about our members see Members . Want to reach out to more people with your message? If you want to promote yourself on the First Tuesday see Affiliate . To read more about our partners, see Partners .

In Bergen is First Tuesday: Are Stegane - CEO & Marketing Manager Jørn Vikøyr - Sales & Sponsorship Manager Thomas Vervik - Webmaster & Coordinator Frode Myrseth - Organizer Morten Lied - Organizer Lars Hellestræ - Project Line Greipsland - Project Eyvind Haaland - Coordinator Eyvind Pedersen - Coordinator

First Tuesday wish you a peaceful Christmas and thank for the old!

Next event is on Tuesday 8 January in partnership with BTO.

If you are not a member and would like to start the year with ambitions to acquire new friends and connections, we encourage you to join the First Tuesday Bergen. At the same time you should also join our group on LinkedIn , our group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter .

See you :)


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In partnership with First Tuesday Bergen parts Deloitte each year

entrepreneurial price Rising Star.

See the video here ...

Jarle Andhøy to their own!

Open innovation meets Social Media

Your Everyday Life Online - What are the threats?

Brett, Amphibians, Phones and Apps

I e not from Norway event



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First Tuesday Bergen

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