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Building Your Sales Framework

7/17/2013 8:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Course Description:

Are you a start-up CEO? A technical founder with a great product that you need to start selling now? An engineer at a start-up that’s been asked to pitch in with the company’s sales? You have a product. While you’re sitting at your desk coding or productizing, the phone might ring every so often or you receive occasional “request for information” emails from your website. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to gain an introduction from your venture capital partner or friends in the industry. What do you do with that new prospect? How do you move from product development to revenue? This seminar teaches you about the aspects of the sales process and how to create a sales engine to support your product and customer base. This seminar will provide you with everyday sales strategies you can utilize immediately in your business. If you’re looking for practical advice that you can start using right now - this seminar is for you!

Attendees of this seminar can expect to learn about -

How to identify buyer types and stages of the sale

How to diagnose and analyze current customers & opportunities vs. lost opportunities & customers

Identify what works and what simply doesn't work with selling your product

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