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DTSB Summer Learning Big Brand for the Little Guy

7/16/2013 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Big Brand for the Little Guy:

The Visual Side of Branding.

Session Description:

A successful brand requires more than just a logo. From design collateral and an online presence to physical spaces or environments, a mark is simply a starting point for developing a cohesive and comprehensive visual identity that expands into a variety of aspects of a business.

In this hour-long session, Anne will cover the basic elements of an appealing and powerful brand from the visual standpoint, strategies to incorporate the brand more deeply into all the visual elements of your business, and how to minimize less than perfect aspects of a visual identity. The session will incorporate lecture, a case study, and time for Q&A, so come ready with your own brand questions. You will also walk away with a handy checklist highlighting key things to remember about visual brand.

About the Presenter:

Anne has worked as a professional graphic designer since 1999 and currently teaches at the University of Notre Dame. She received a Master of Fine Arts degree in May of 2008 from the School of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University and her graduate coursework, which focused on Environmental Graphic Design (EGD), provided opportunities to collaborate on wayfinding and interpretive design projects with other graphic designers as well as architects and urban designers from Chicago and Cleveland. She received a Student Merit Award from the Society for Environmental Graphic Design in 2006 for her work on "Sankofa Place," a proposal for mixed housing development in the North Lawndale area of Chicago, Illinois.

She recently completed a permanent exhibit for the Civil Rights Heritage Center in South Bend titled, "Making Waves: Civil Rights and the South Bend Natatorium."

This session is free to downtown business owners/employees. All others $5 at the door (cash or check).

If you have questions, please contact Downtown South Bend, Inc. at or phone the DTSB main office at 574-282-1110.

Doors open 15 minutes prior to session start time to give you time to get settled with a cup of coffee in your seat. This session starts promptyly at 8 am.

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