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7/22/2013 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

HackerNest Seattle Inaugural Tech Social

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Monday, July 22, 2013

8:00 PM

Facebook Seattle

1730 Minor Avenue, Seattle, WA (map)

Join us for the very first HackerNest Tech Social in Seattle, hosted by Facebook!

Please contact Shaharris if you are interested in supporting and/or volunteering.

Here's the rundown:

HackerNest Tech Socials are very casual, disarmingly friendly, and super-unpretentious events for technologists from all walks of life to connect and commiserate. We don't discriminate, only celebrate.

People who attend are genuinely curious about interesting and innovative things happening in the community/industry - they love to learn, share, gush, and sometimes whine and bitch (we all do).

The atmosphere is so mellow and nonjudgmental that everyone leaves ego at the door; nobody feels the need to impress anyone (e.g. "I'm the CEO of Xyz Inc." "Cool, how big is your firm?" "It's just me right now." "Oh.").

You'll find yourself having great conversations with devastatingly smart people who actually understand what you're saying and actually give a shit instead of just waiting for their turn to talk. The reverse tends to also be true - techies have a knack for getting into really cool stuff.

Funnily enough, the community is self-correcting. Greasy, obnoxious douchebags, after 2-3 failed interactions, either disappear or magically transform into nice people. It's quite fascinating to watch.

To be honest, we're not really eloquent enough to adequately describe how awesome these things are. So come find out for yourself. We'll get you a beer. It'll be fun.

General format:

20:00 - folks waltz in, get drinks, start socializing

20:45 - welcome note and 2-3 minute sponsor intros

21:00 - back to socializing (unless, of course, we have a demo or short talk/Q&A with someone interesting)

23:15 - finish that drink :D, help clean up, head home

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