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Hot500 Club Monthly Meetup

7/24/2013 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


The Hot500Club is a business and peer learning network for 16 -35 aspiring entrepreneurs!

From access to finance, peer to peer masterminding, entrepreneur mentoring, personalised training, motivational talks and more, The HOT500 is different.....

As a hub network, we also welcome other entrepreneur networks to come and join us at our events - we are truly inclusive, not competitive!!

Who are our events for?

Are you:

aged 16 - 35 with a business idea, and want to be self-employed? You're in!

aged 16 - 35 and already working on your business idea? You're in!

aged 16 - 35 and are already running your own business? You're in!

a member of other entrepreneur networks? You're in!

a college, university, voluntary sector organisation or training provider who is passionate about developing young people? You're in!

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