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Intro to Backbone.js Training Workshop


Learn to use the Backbone.js library to organize your JavaScript, simplify data handling, and speed development. Implement Backbone to provide structure to web applications by creating models, collections, and views, and connecting them to your existing API over a RESTful JSON interface.

In the short time since the library was released the Quick Left team has deployed several customer products using Backbone. Your instructors will share their experience using Backbone in a variety of applications and contributing to its code base.


This workshop will cover the basics of how to best utilize Backbone, from getting up and running to organizing large JavaScript applications. Additionally, attendees will learn how (and when) to leverage Backbone within their projects and best practices for building applications.


Participants will learn to use Backbone to apply web development best practices to the front end of a data rich application. The class format will include hands-on coding and will be limited to 18 attendees.

When to use Backbone

Intro to using RESTful APIs and MVC

Introduction to JavaScript & jQuery

Backbone Introduction

Backbone Models

Backbone Collections

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for anyone who's interested in building applications with Backbone. Attendees should be comfortable with front end web development, but JavaScript expertise is not required.

Come Prepared

Bring your laptop, a power cord, and a development environment so that you are ready to code. We'll provide wireless, lunch, snacks, and refreshments.

Learn More: Intro to Backbonejs Workshop Denver

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