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Story-Based Technical and Compliance eLearning Design Workshop

7/10/2013 9:00 AM - 7/11/2013 5:00 PM

"Lifeblood of every business"

Seventy percent of a company’s elearning programs are primarily focused on technical and compliance requirements.

It is the major artery that infuses expertise and knowledge into sales and profits, customer service, efficient systems and adherence to regulations. It is highly critical to employee performance and compliance to laws.

Technical and compliance elearning programs -- products, applications, processes, software, etc.-and compliance to government regulations -statutes, audits, sanctions, penalties, legal actions, etc. – are fundamental, indispensable and pivotal to the success or failure of any business.

"Tedious, boring and data dump"

“Boring”, “Difficult to retain”, “Hard to grasp”, “Long”, are common complaints you hear.

Technical and compliance information -statistics, legalese, procedures, policies –do not captivate learners.

It is accepted truth that well-intentioned technical and compliance programs are simply “massive data dumps”.

Learners end up frustrated and unable to grasp and retain critical content for job application.

How do you fix the problem?

"Re-energize and transform"

Re-energize and transform technical and compliance elearning programs to story-based and make them shorter, easier and faster for the learner.

Utilize the Story-based eLearning Design approach for your technical and compliance programs. Heighten learners’ interactivity levels This innovative learning design and delivery method has been proven a key factor to improved content retention.

Re-energize your elearning programs. Transform your programs. Start relating story events with the content.. Chunk and boil down your learning material. Create faster, easier and better learning for your learners. Cut training time significantly and improve learners’ performance.

What is the workshop?

"Technical and compliance elearning that is shorter, faster, easier and engaging"

The Story-based Technical and Compliance eLearning Design Workshop enables you how to convert existing or new technical and compliance eLearning content into stimulating learning experiences.

Workshop participants learn how to transform procedures, products, policies, processes, technical data, rules and regulations into easy and immersive elearning.

Skills in creating interactive and discovery learning methods where the content is embedded in real-life events are developed.

Participants practice the application of Story-based design methods using success stories, customer complaints, product recalls, penalties, legal infractions, lawsuits, product defects, lost sales, quick solutions, etc. to help learners turn technical and compliance information into personalized and meaningful learning experiences.

At the end of the workshop, participants gain the knowledge and confidence to apply a new set of skills to revolutionize their technical and compliance elearning programs.

Who should attend?

The workshop is valuable to the following:

>Subject matter experts(SMEs)

>Instructional designers

>eLearning designers and developers

>eLearning writers and producers

>Trainers and presenters

>Project Leaders and champions

>Everyone who wants to apply story-based design to elearning

Why should you attend?

>Become a certified Story-based eLearning Designer

>Re-skill from traditional design and development to story-based methods

>Obtain tools, demos, samples and templates to transform technical and compliance courses to Story-based eLearning

>Learn how to reduce cost and speed up elearning program development

Workshop topics

In this workshop, participants will learn to:

>Obtain the “Proofs” based on research and scientific findings supporting the effectiveness of the Story-Based elearning Design.

>Demonstrate the cost benefits of Story-based elearning in customer satisfaction, reduction of production costs, savings from product support and compliance.

>Differentiate the key distinctions between traditional instructional design and Story-Based eLearning design.

>Implement the “ Story-based Instructional Design Process and Project Plan” – from interviewing SMEs to development of the eLearning program

>Use “Story Mapping Grid” to discover stories to match your technical and compliance content.

>Construct modules and lessons that is 3-Minute long and with a powerful story method.

>Apply the “SRIA Model” (Set up, Relate, Interpret and Apply) in building story-based micro lessons

>Incorporate the “Oscillation Technique" and "Organics” of weaving small stories into a full program

>Apply the “15 Story-Based Design Models”

>Develop learning objectives, test questions and exercises using story-based methods

>Use “ Process-Based Tracking Systems” to gauge learning and applications

>Develop reusable standards, templates and processes for Story-Based design and development

>Incorporate “Gaming Stories” in interactive.designs

>Apply “Workplace Incidents” like troubleshooting, defects, errors, heroic endeavors, compliance failures, best formulas, tips, experiences, turnarounds, etc. as inspiration for designing eLearning

>Implement “Stacking Experiences” methods to facilitate the creation of “wisdom-based eLearning” solutions provided with the collections of stories and experiences.

>Live demos and examples

Participants will learn from examples of Story-Based eLearning lessons:

>Software applications

>Product and service features

>Engineering processes and methods

>Technical specifications

>Compliance in safety, employment law, healthcare,financial services, manufacturing, utilities, agriculture, mining, construction, transportation, education, etc.

What are the benefits of the workshop?

>Significant Improvement of your skills

>Gain the opportunity to learn an innovative method

>Help your company reduce costs and increase speed of development

>Obtain tools, demos, templates, reusable exercises and stories to make your job easier

>Attend and experience an interactive and high-impact workshop

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