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The Great Make Day Sonora

7/20/2013 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

The Great Make Day Is Coming!

Join us for a day of maker goodness! Hacker Lab, The Greater Good, Revamp Recyclery, and Tuloumne County Economic Development Authority are hosting an all day MAKEATHON!

The Great Make Day is an 11 hour event where community comes together to make, create, and collaborate!

Makers of all sorts will come from near and far with cool stuff in hand to create awesome things.

Makes of the day will include:



Revamped Robots (See Revamp Recyclery)

Remote Control Stuff


And anything else you can imagine!

Come join us and brings friends! Bring some stuff to build and some stuff to share, if you like!

Kids and families welcome! Hardcore Geeks wanted!


Do I have to bring items to build or make something?:

It would be awesome if you can contribute but if you don't have anything to bring please come anyway. We will have items for the community to use during the event.

What types of items can I donate?

Nuts, bolts, broken or working electronics, wood peices, watches, clocks, metal stuff, hobby or small lawnmower type tires, gears, motors, etc, etc..

Does it cost to get in?:

The event is free but we are asking for donations to help pay for costs of the event. Pay what you can. It will really help us out and make the event super cool!

What can't I build:

Anything that requires fire, sharp power tools such as saws, or other potentially dangerous materials.

Do I need to be a techie to attend?:

No, we welcome makers of all sorts but tech is a big component of the event.

Are there going to be prizes?:

In the spirit of making there will be prizes but very small and not monetary ones because we want to keep a sense of community and collaboration, not competition.

Can I come alone? Do I need a team mate?:

Yes, ypu can come alone. You can build a project alone or join a team. Working together with new friends is fun!

Learn More: The Great Make Day Sonora

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