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WordPress Birmingham 2013 Lightning Meetup

7/11/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

July is going to be hot!!!

We've drawn inspiration from our friend, Keith Devon, who runs WordPress London and we're going to have something a little different for July - 5 minute lightning talks!

It's a great opportunity for anyone who would like to share something they know or love about WordPress and you only have to talk for a maximum of 5 minutes.

The talk can be on any WordPress related topic.

Schedule so far

>SEO 101 for WordPress - Matthew Barby

>How easy is WordPress for non developers? - Ash Nazir

>Campaign monitor integration for WordPress - Nathan Roberts

>Custom fields for beginners - Michael Weaver

>My default WordPress Setup - Dave McCourt

>How to hack a WordPress plugin - Mark Slight

>Rel = Author - Andrew Fielding

Potential topics

>Show and tell - a recent WordPress site or plugin you've built

>A plugin that you love

>A really useful WordPress function

>Great WordPress resources

>Anything else that you can think of!

Potential talks (looking for volunteers)

What should I blog about?

>My favourite WordPress Theme

>Installing my first theme

>Adding an image gallery to a page or post

>Adding a widgets to a pages or a post

>Adding a contact form to WordPress

>How to install a WordPress Plugin

>Adding eCommerce to my WordPress site

>Adding google analytics to my site

>Adding a youtube video to a post or page

>Add a Facebook like button to your site

>Adding a "tweet this" button to your site

>Adding your twitter feed to your site

>Removing comments from posts

>Adding a password to a page

>What is a 404 page and how do I make one?

>How to Remove the search box from WordPress

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