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Ask The Mac Geek

6/26/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

This month, we've invited a different kind of guest. We usually focus heavily on software, but without the hardware, the ideas just sit in your head. LV AUG is pleased to present the chance for you to ASK THE MAC GEEK!

Jonathan Gleich is a Macintosh consultant in Las Vegas. He'll be discussing some of the common tech issues that creatives run into and answering your questions on hardware and software issues in creative workflows. So come prepared with a question or two. Take advantage of this great opportunity to dive into Jon's deep well of knowledge and maybe solve that long-standing issue.

PLEASE: Be respectful of the other group members and limit your questions so that everyone has a chance to get a question answered.

About our Guest:

Jon has been using Apple computers since 1979, using an Apple II Plus computer, Jonathan co-founded an NYC BBS called Earth News. He expanded it to be the first multi-user (3 user) system running on a Corvus. In 1985, he started ENetwork using a Galacticomm system that supported 16 users simultaneously, and had over 700 active members

He has been in the industry professionally since 1985, having bought the first Macintosh 128 computer two weeks after its release, and has owned almost every Macintosh computer since.

He has worked for a variety of industries, including printing, education, medical, auto sales, music, recruiting, investment banking, space technology, accounting, and telecommunications.

In NYC, he was the head of information technology for a children’s clothing manufacturer that designed products for Juicy Couture, 7 For All Mankind, Absorba, Heidi Klum, and Disney.

He also is a published author, having several featured Instructables, and other projects, and has been featured in Engadget, Gizmodo, Make Magazine, and Forbes.

He won first prize for his Zoltar costume (mounted on a Segway) at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade in NYC.

Besides being a Macgeek, Jonathan has supported an 80 user PC environment on a Microsoft Windows server, using Exchange (and lived to talk about it)

Jon's Instructables:

Why is there a Free ticket and an Admission + Food Donation ticket?

If you've attended any of our events, you know that we provide drinks and a selection of snacks. The Mangers feel that since our events are right after work, it's nice to have a little something to tide attendees over so that they can concentrate on the speakers. However, the AUG spends about $40 per event for food & beverage and the left over cash from the CS6 Launch party is dwindling fast. If possible, we are simply asking you to pitch in a few dollars to offset this cost. You are also invited to bring snacks or drinks to share or to put a dollar or two in the jar at the meetings. Thank you!

Learn More: Ask The Mac Geek

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