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Business Next Meet x AAMA 2013

6/26/2013 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

[2013 Venture-together cum AAMA Taipei】 Cradle annual cross-border programs. Prosperity. Innovation clash

Share experiences, extended field of vision, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to play!

Problem solving, practice ideals, let the future better, soared competitiveness!

June 26, invites you to speakers at home and abroad with the exchange and learning,

for themselves and for the team, for the long-term development of enterprises and inject new energy!


Annual Meeting Time: Jun 26日(周三) 9:30 - 17:30

Annual Meeting Venue: National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center, R201, Xuzhou Road, Taipei, 2nd Floor


[Perspective] English New Venture Times / Tony Hughes, UKTI Industry Advisory

[learn to focus] with a new perspective, out of their own entrepreneurial Avenue / Yu Yongfu, UC excellent, as chairman and CEO

[learn transboundary] starting from the user, creating amazing / Xierong Ya, fantasy creation CEO

[learn entrepreneurship] to the world of entrepreneurs, learning entrepreneurship / Ma Rui, 500 Startups Greater partner

[INNOVATIVE] key competitors beyond / Greg Lee, Cherubic Ventures partner

[learn breakthrough ] advance overseas markets, hugging around the user / Wang, the Kai Tin mobile technology vice president of marketing; Zhang Qun, Rhea game co-founder; Zach Zeliff, Adonit co-founder and chief technology

[team share] Our Silicon Valley Study Tour / Li Shaogang, POP co-founder

[learn prosper] to solve user problems, practice entrepreneurial mind / AAMA cradle plan Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, entrepreneurs , respectively, from e-commerce, mobile applications, cultural and creative, life services, social enterprises four large entry field, and sharing of innovative services to participate in the annual forum of ways ◎ personal / non-magazine subscribers sign up, $ 2,000 per person ◎ had participated in entrepreneurial activities of small poly / magazine subscribers / two or more group registration, enjoy 20% discount, $ 1,600 per person ◎ Students proof of identity, the two peers enjoy preferential entry of $ 2,000 ※ The registration fee inclusive of lunch that day, and presented a semi-annual "Digital Times Magazine" Event Details: activities contact Inquiry: (02) 8773-9808 ext 311 Nina general levy Show 400 entrepreneurs interested in innovation and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, managers gathered in a close-up with participants to showcase your innovative services, face to face Show off your creative applications! Zheng Exhibition Information: Show Date: 2013/6/26 (three) 9:00 ~ 17:30, approach time: 8:30 Exhibition Location: National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center, 2nd Floor Startup Avenue Pavilion (General Forum OTC) Booth Specifications: 1 wide 100cmX deep 50cmX high 250cm (including distribution and network) 2. Hironobu slotting W95cm X H145cm one group (Hironobu designed by the exhibitors, output) 3. among the exhibitors Team Assembly Manual, Hironobu scene exposure 4. Assembly line to see the show on the website edition bit (payment and complete information, the two working days on-line) online exhibition: booth.htm ※ activities of the Assembly with a ticket, lunch, three copies of the day, half of "Digital Times Magazine" Online registration: activities contact: TW (02) 8773-9808 ext 312 May Application Note 1. successful registration fee, three days before the commencement of the event will be received by Email and SMS notification letter sent to attend, did not receive notification, be sure to call to confirm. (2) After payment if unable to attend may be represented by an agent to participate in activities without additional refund (magazine subscriptions will retain) 3. subscriptions magazine subscribers will follow the original installments.

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