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The Paris Founders Event

6/25/2013 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Paris Founders Event - The founders-only networking event

An event just for founders, the Founders Event is a founder-only networking event brought to you by the Rude Baguette, which invites active startup founders to come together and discuss issues, receive feedback, and share experiences that only active startup founders can understand.

The event is open to all founders - if you're visting from out of town, this is a great way to get toknow the startup scene in France!

We've made the event super affordable even for bootstrapped startups, and we've got an open bar and open buffet. We're only able to do that with support from our awesome event sponsors: Index Ventures, Schibsted, Ftopia, Optimizely, Paymill, MyJobCompany & more!

Thank you to Eventbrite for being our exclusive Ticketing Partner!

Also, thank you to SnapCar for providing all attendees with a 15€ discount to and from the event!

Would you like to sponsor the next Paris Founders Event? Reach out to us as

--------- FAQ------------

Bootstrapped vs. Funded

It's pretty simple. If you've got outside investors (Angels or VCs), you're funded. If you would tell a blog you've "got funding," you're funded.

Who is and isn't a founder.

CEO? Congrats. Unless you're CEO & Co-founder, this event's not for you. A Founder is one of the people who bore their name on the original registration (or yet-to-be-written registration) papers for a company.

We also require that you currently be playing an active role in that company - if you have left the company, congratulations. This event's not for you - we'll see you when you start your next company.

What is and isn't a startup.

Consulting firm? Not a startup. Digital agency? Not a startup. Tech blog? No.

A startup can be defined in many ways (cf: Lean Startup, Steve Blank, etc.), but, for the purposes of this event, a startup is a product-centric company that can scale to global proportions without dependence on human capital.

Learn More: The Paris Founders Event

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