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User Enjoyment UX Meetup

6/25/2013 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

The User Enjoyment meetup is for those want to create a more enjoyable experience for their users/customer/tribe.

We believe that if we focus on user enjoyment then the problems of user adoption simply go away.

Join in as we discuss concepts such as user interface design, usability testing, workflow, typography, lean development, and much more. Additionally we will spend time discussing the best frameworks and plugins to quickly enhance user enjoyment (Bootstrap,, JQueryUI, etc). No matter what platform you are building for; mobile, SharePoint, Rails, php, all will benefit by increasing user enjoyment.

Come join entrepreneurs, hackers, power users, project managers, students, and anyone with the desire to learn how to create user enjoyment. No previous experience necessary.

What you can expect from a typical meetup:

>Meet & Greet (a round of drinks with the area's top UX Professionals)

>Top Quality Content Presentation (given by a local or national UX authority)

>Organic Discussion (on life, beer, & UX)

>Lab Time (monthly chance for a member to present a real life UX challenge they are experiencing and get insight and thoughts from the community)

>Resources (shared github repository, job board, etc)

>UX Swagger (books, subscriptions, giveaways, etc)

Learn More: User Enjoyment UX Meetup

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