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Hyper Local Mastering GPS for Fun and Profit

3/13/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

As an app developer or someone creating ideas for apps, knowing exactly how GPS functions and how to utilize signal strength should be a big part of your strategy. Join us as the awesome Will Quast and Ez Buchheit will take you through the cloak-and-dagger world of DARPA developed GPS and how you can master hyper local features to deliver amazing experiences to your users.

If you're not taking advantage of GPS enabled features in your applications, you're missing out on the true power of mobile. Harness the power of hyper local computing and let Will Quast up your GPS game.

Will currently works at MapMyFitness, making Android goodness. He

previously worked as a contractor doing both iOS and Android

development for apps like Find Me Gluten Free, Charity Miles, Shoutz, and apps used to interface with scientific

instrumentation. He has done both native iOS and Android and PhoneGap apps. After graduating from UT Austin, he worked for several years as a Java Enterprise developer. He spend most of my free time running, hiking and exploring/mapping the caves of Texas.

A note from the organizers: If you haven't guessed this group is more

than just developers. If you're into mobile technology from a business

or marketing perspective there's lots to learn. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meetup!

Learn More: Hyper Local Mastering GPS for Fun and Profit

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