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AiMA Monthly Meeting Inside the Creative Studio

5/29/2013 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Inside the Creative Studio

This moderated panel will provide an inside look at how digital technology is impacting creative, examining the issue from the perspective of the technologist, the creative agency and the brand advertiser. Led by Ben Kartzman, CEO of Spongecell, the panel will examine new developments in ad technology and the new opportunities for creative agencies and brand advertisers these developments afford.

Moderator: Ben Kartzman, CEO of Spongecell, moderator


The transition from RTB to RTC – A discussion of the growing emphasis in the industry on "real-time creative" and not just real-time bidding.

A discussion of how ad technology can help creative agencies better scale campaigns. Building off the old Java concept of “write once; run everywhere,” this discussion will look at how creative agencies can use ad technology to create a single set of creative and run across different media (e.g., TV, print, display, pre-roll, outdoor, iTV, etc.).


Georgia Tech Global Learning Center

84 Fifth Street

Atlanta, GA 30308


Learn More: AiMA Monthly Meeting Inside the Creative Studio

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