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VCCircle Agri and Food Investment Summit Mumbai


VCCircle Agri & Food Investment Summit 2013

Moving a step ahead, the 5th edition of our successful Agri & Food Investment Summit will lead the convergence of Indian agri & food visionaries, institutional, private equity and venture capital investors, investment banks, consultants, government representatives on one platform.

India has come a long way from the green revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, witnessing rapid growth and innovation in segments such as seeds, fertilizers, food processing, packaged foods, dairy products, logistics, warehousing with the creation of high quality companies.

To capture the latest trends and identify the next big companies in this space, VCCircle launches the fifth annual edition of 'VCCircle Agri & Food Investment Summit. The forum will bring together 200 plus top and emerging food & agri CEOs, private equity fund managers, venture capitalists, companies, entrepreneurs, bankers, advisors and management consultants who are looking to do business in agri and food space. The forum will see presentation and discussion of the latest information, trends and analysis in the agri and food space along with interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions led by top notch panelists and a high quality audience.

For sponsorship write to:; For registrations write to:; 0120-4171111

For any agenda suggestion / speaker nomination, write to

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