In this day and age, you have hundreds of marketing tactics at your disposal. The bad thing is, you have hundreds of marketing tactics at your disposal.

Rule No. 1: You don't need all of them. So choose wisely. Founders School expert Anita Newton says the process can be overwhelming, but if you start with your target audience, they'll lead you to the right tactics.

One of the biggest tactics in today's digital world is social media. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or beyond, here are four tips Anita says will boost your brand's presence.

  • Remember to claim your name everywhere!  Some of the most popular social media channels are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Don’t forget to claim your name on Google+ as well, which is so important for SEO. 
  • Don’t immediately jump into the social media fray and start posting.Join the channels, listen to the chatter, learn what works for others and then post.
  • Keep content engaging. Every communication cannot be a sales offer.  A good rule of thumb for posting is to provide four informational elements to every one sales pitch.  Keep posts brief and provide photo images whenever possible.
  • Be responsive!  If customers talk with you, tweet at you, or post about you, talk back!  Answer any questions they ask and thank them for their business and their mention!  Your first 1,000 customers can easily be your brand ambassadors over the long haul, if you use a combination of great content and a bit of time and nurturing.

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