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Building Your Company Culture

It is always a happy day when someone at the company is doing so well that we can give them more responsibility. We try to promote from within as much as we can, but you also have to realize that’s not always possible. You might require a skillset that doesn’t exist in your company currently.

Compensation and Rewards

Most people are motivated more by the work they do and the environment in which they work than by the money they earn. Therefore, the compensation and reward systems you offer to employees should include both monetary and non-monetary ideas.

An Overview of Six Sigma

The Six Sigma manufacturing process drives production to near-perfect levels, seeking less than 3.4 defects per million output units. Here, the basic purpose and process of the Six Sigma methodology, and its connection to “lean” manufacturing, are clearly explained for entrepreneurs. The article also provides tips on getting started and guidelines to successful implementation.