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Honest Advice

In this candid and informative lecture, serial entrepreneur Mark Suster defies some of Silicon Valley's conventional wisdom. Suster shares his thoughts on the real day-to-day life of startups, smart ways to raise the right kind of funds, and offers honest advice.

Secret to Negotiations

Joel Peterson, founder of Peterson Partners, discusses the secret to successful negotiations. He reminds us that negotiation is how one navigates their way through life, and to have successful negotiations, people must be empowered, have high character, and confidence.

FOE Family Over Everything

FOE. It's a phrase many of the entrepreneurs I work with use--"Family Over Everything". Now when they say it, they have a more universal way of defining "family." They can mean the very close entrepreneurial friends they've made, or their teams at work --but they all would agree that at the foundation of their family definition is their nuclear families at home. This is the common denominator in those that I see overcome hardship in this journey and find their path to new ventures. FOE.

1 Million Cups in Orlando and San Diego

Today is a very exciting day for the 1 Million Cups program. We are three quarters of the way to our goal of twenty U.S. cities by then end of 2013. But more importantly, the debut launch of 1MC Orlando and San Diego demonstrates the power of collaboration at the grassroots level.

The Most Dynamic Diverse Startup Community

Last week marked an important milestone in the development of the 1 Million Cups program. For the last year, each city's weekly 1 Million Cups event has been run by our community organizers, a team of volunteer entrepreneurs. That's right people,VOLUNTEERS! Our community organizers are some of the most talented, creative, genuine, and collaborative entrepreneurs on the planet. In addition to being the thought leaders in grassroots entrepreneurship in their communities, they hold down day jobs working with or running startups. With all that brainpower at our disposal, we knew we had to get all of our community organizers together in Kansas City to plan for the future of 1 Million Cups as it continues to grow.

Seattle and Women Entrepreneurs

When you think about Seattle, what may come to mind are coffee shops, grunge music and scores of Generation-Xers. But Seattle offers so much more. It is a hub for fostering entrepreneurship and is especially supportive of women who break out on their own. In fact, NerdWallet ranked Seattle as the third best city in the U.S. for women entrepreneurs, just behind Washington D.C and San Francisco.

Fear as a Tool for Personal Growth

Whether you are launching a company, choosing an education path or starting a career, you will experience some form of fear. Here’s how I leveraged this feeling to serve me instead of stall me.

Will VCs stop funding startups

If the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes is passed there will be a lot of unhappy venture capitalists, who say they may stop investing in startups.

Trademark Registration

Here's how to constitute and file an application to register your trademark. This column, second in a series, also lists the benefits of getting your mark onto either the Principal or the Supplemental Register, or both.

Trademark Enforcement

Once your trademark is registered, you'll need an active program to protect its use and ensure compliance. Detailed guidelines, monitoring and taking action against infringers can help.

Patent Protection

Patents protect inventors and may enrich companies--but the application and registration process may be long and costly. Here are the statutory requirements, plus the basics of an effective patent protection program.

Trademark Definition

Trademark protection may help a growing company establish, maintain and expand market share. This column, first of a series of three, explains how to meet the criteria for eligible words and symbols when you choose a trademark for your product or company.

Selling: Introduction

Craig Wortmann says nothing happens until something gets sold, therefore, entrepreneurs must develop the knowledge, skill and discipline necessary to succeed in sales or that early momentum may never materialize.

Art of Conversation

In this video by Craig Wortmann, you’ll find details on how to have a successful sales conversation and ensure that you’re spending your valuable time in productive ways.

Powerful Presentations: Introduction

This compelling series by Nathan Gold will show you how to break through the massive amount of noise by communicating and presenting your ideas, businesses, products, and services in more compelling ways.

Presentation Categories

You may be called upon to make presentations of varying lengths to different audiences. In this video, Nathan Gold reviews these different presentations and how to think about them.

Top Mistakes

Nathan Gold identifies thirteen mistakes people make in presentations and provides concrete advice for how to avoid them. It covers everything from crafting a strong open to dealing with presentation nerves and Q&A.

How to Tell Visual Stories

Nathan Gold argues that Visual storytelling, or video, can be a compelling way to present your company. Video is an essential tool for an entrepreneur, especially if you are considering a crowdfunding campaign.

Crafting Your WOW Statement

In this video, Nathan Gold helps you create a single statement that, when you say it, people say “wow, how do you do that?” Get practical advice for finding inspiration and impactful, colorful, and creative ways to talk about your product or services.

First Impressions

Learn an approach to making a strong first impression using Nathan Gold's SSAME tool: Use stories, similes, analogies and metaphors, and examples to create memorable ways to share what your company does.

Your Balance Sheet

Bill Reichert, Venture Capitalist discusses "Financial Foundations: Your Balance Sheet."

Your Cash Flow

Bill Reichert, Venture Capitalist discusses "Financial Processes: Your Cash Flow."

Performance Metrics

Bill Reichert, Venture Capitalist discusses "Financial Monitoring: Your Performance Metrics."

Your Income Statement

Bill Reichert, Venture Capitalist discusses "Financial Processes: Your Income Statement."

Your Long-Term Forecast

Bill Reichert, Venture Capitalist discusses "Financial Budgeting: Your Long-Term Forecast."

Content and Objectives

Anita Newton teaches how to think through your marketing goals and how to create compelling, interesting content that will engage your audience.

Marketing Mix Management

Anita Newton says your target customer will lead you to the right marketing tactics. Learn the essentials of creating a strong foundation for marketing that will captivate your customers and other important audiences.

Modern Marketing Strategy

Know who your customer is, what problem your product or service solves, and why it is important to your customer.

Quad Marketing Approach

Anita Newton argues today’s marketing battle is about big ideas that solve customer problems. The Quad Marketing Approach can help you create your strategy to meet your marketing goals.

Growth Hacking

Learn how growth hacking can turn your business into a customer acquisition machine.

Consolidate and Codify

Pause, pivot, or pursue. Anita Newton claims a fully implemented marketing strategy encompasses reflection and learning.

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Drawing on her experience with companies large and small, Anita Newton provides a framework for you to use in building marketing strategies and execution plans.

How to Read a Business Plan

Financiers decode business plans, looking for the secrets of probable success. If yours shows a customer-driven opportunity that your company's talent, passion and skin in the game can actually pull off, they're more likely to be impressed.

Where Every Startup Should Hire A Millennial

Lately, there's been a lot of talk about these people we call millennials. Namely, the current generation, Generation Y, those "entitled, narcissists who still live with their parents", according to Keith Wagstaff. From complimentary to derisive, countless writers have deemed it their duty to predict exactly what this generation will add or (as most reports warn) detract from our current society. But the truth is, nothing has been said about the "Me, me, me generation" that hasn't been said about every generation before them.

Making a Difference

Joe McCracken, Vice President of Business Development at Genentech, walks through the founding and growth phase of the company.

Hiring Think Salesmanship

In today's extremely tight labor market, small-company employers must approach hiring just as they approach selling. To lure able and enthusiastic candidates, the author writes, a CEO should consider such steps as contacting reluctant candidates personally, offering equity compensation to augment salaries, and sending welcoming gifts like fruit baskets. Of particular note is a discussion of factors the author says "count" in the sales-whoops!-the hiring process.

Managing Contractors

Companies that turn to contractors must structure both the business and the specific nature of the work accordingly, according to a software-company entrepreneur. On the business side, founders need to retain a competent attorney and match the right worker to the job; on the tech side, they must require that contractors produce their work within a framework that can be replicated for other projects, the author advises.

An Entrepreneurial Culture

Developing an environment in your company that rewards hard work and wins employee loyalty always helps to foster success. That culture may be crucial when your business has to confront a crisis.

Entrepreneurs Building Culture

Entrepreneurs can create a company culture that reflects their values and motivates employees by experimenting with unusual events and activities in the workplace. Here are some ideas to jump-start your thinking.

Manage for Today

Entrepreneurs of a certain age need to accommodate the changes in attitude on the part of the younger generation or risk becoming dinosaurs, writes the author, who turned to entrepreneurship after a career in the U.S. Army and at a major corporation. Today's young people are technologically savvy, casual about dress and deportment, and forward about expecting to advance at a younger age, he says. He includes tips for adjusting one's management style to help -- rather than change -- the new generation.

Managing the Generational Ladder

Entrepreneurs, in particular, are having troubles with today's widespread age-disconnect between managers and employees. The many twentysomethings who are launching companies these days hire workers who are both younger and older than they are, writes the author, a frequent EntreWorld contributor. She maintains that to manage this so-called "generation gap," you'll need to build a common understanding based on your company's values.